Shipping/Documentation Coordinator

Almond Processing company seeks Shipping/Documentation Coordinator for its facility in Turlock, CA.
Position Overview:
The responsibility of this position is to perform various duties associated with several departments within the Supply Chain: Sales, Production or Inventory Control, and Quality Assurance. In addition coordinate with Accounting in respect to invoicing.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Sales Support - This position will be expected to promote internal customer service, by supporting the sales team in its efforts to promote prosperous relationships with our client base. This may include quoting, routing and problem resolution for customer shipments on a timely basis. Help coordinate all activities of Export, Ocean, Intermodal and domestic shipments and required documentation.
Coordination with Production/Inventory Control - Enter into system production orders with requested shipment dates to be in contract compliance. Request all required quality certifications, lab special markings and/or other customer requests.
Coordination with Quality Assurance - This position will receive full complete processed orders via notification thru the system. Obtain all attached required quality and lab certificates for each order. Communicate any special requirements as per the terms of the sales contract.
Qualifications and
Experience in shipping/documentation.
Ability to perform a multitude of tasks and be able to work in a fast pace environment.
Strong analytical, detail, and problem solving skills.
Well organized.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in written form.

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